LCPC Worship Arts Team

News & Notes - August 16, 2015 - Volume VIII Issue 29

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Wilson County Fair Thanks!

Just want to take a moment to thank the Worship Team for pulling together to sing at the Wilson County Fair! The best time ever! I had five or six people pull me aside and express their thanks and appreciation that we sang HYMNS! Wow! It was incredible. To see you guys sing and hear you sound so amazing simply thrilled my soul! I am truly blessed to be apart of the greatest church family ever! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for being so faithful and singing unto the Lord!

Happy School Year!

To all of our educators on the Worship Arts Team! Have a great school year! Thank you for all that you do for both our church and community.

Instrument Dedication Service

We will have a special Instrument Dedication Service for our new Yamaha Clavinova digital piano on August 30th at 6:00 PM. Our Special Instrumental Guest Artist is Mary Brashler. A love offering will be taken up. Also, there will be an ice cream social following the service in the Bill Berry Family Life Center.

Upcoming Rehearsals & Services

(All rehearsals in the sanctuary)

Thursday, Aug 20th ~ WAVE @ 6:30 PM Rehearsal


Worship Service Notes

8:00 AM Service Notes

August 23rd - Alisa, Shanda, Jodie, Cammy, Wes, Richard, Jeremiah, Linda/Bubba

10:15 AM Service Notes

August 23rd - Call to Worship "Lord I Lift Your Name on High" Combined with Congregation

Upcoming Special Music Schedule - 10:15 AM Service

August 23rd ~ Annette Parisher

August 30th ~ Mike Singleton

September 6th ~ Debbie York

September 13th ~ Sherry Smith

August Birthdays & Anniversaries

1st Lisa Baines

6th Ariel and Larry Hillard

18th Cammy Tidwell

18th Alicia and Tom Hovies

18th Debbie and Lynn Cook

25th Angela and John Cardone

30th Candie Medlin

30th Anita Price

Prayer List (contact me to add or delete names off list)

(New requests are in bold)

Abigail Cardone (John's daughter)

Alisa Pierce's mom Diane

Alisa & Glenn Pierce Family

Andrea and Jeremy Crowe

Andrea Crowes job moving to Mt. Juliet, Lord willing!

Andy's mom (Andrea's friend)

Ariel & Larry Hillard

Bailey Crowe (Andrea's daughter)

Ben Williams (Janet's friend) Tumor

Betty Martin (Melissas Mom)

Beverly (Donna's sister)

Bill Daniel (Theda's father n law)

Bo (John Cardone's neighbor) fell and broke neck

Bobby Eidson (Melissa's brother n law)

Cammy's daughter Emily Grace received award!

Caroline (Debbie York niece) doing better

Dawn Darden (Debbie York's niece)

Debbie Tubbs (Janet's friend)

Denise (Mikes Sister)

Donna Fantom

Ella Mae Hammer (Morios mom Debbie York's son in law)

Elwood (Donna's father)

Gerald Patton

Glenn Pierce has a job! Praise God!

Jana (Alisa's friend) biopsy

Janet Smith Test this week

Janet Smith friends Harrell Family loss of the mom and dad

Jay (Jodie's 7 year old step grandchild)

Jeff (Mike's son)

Jesse (Jodie's cousin)

Jim (Jodie's Dad)

Jim Mitchell passed away

Joel Martin (Melissa's brother)

John Ryan's coworker McKenzie Carter's 3 month old cousin died of SIDS

John Wesley (Wes's grandson)

Julie (Theda's sister)

Larry Hillard

Kathy Stevenson

Kelli (Alisa daughter)

Kim (Janet's niece)

Kristina Jones (Anurism) / Terry Jones

Laurie Long

Marilyn Hutcheson (Alisa's coworker) has cancer

Martha (Melissa's sister)

Martin Shoopman


Mickey Dowell (Dr. Jantz receptionist) Better!

Mike McCown (Janet's neighbor) surgery

Nancy (Alicia's mom)

Ron Warner's Father in UMC

Ryker Hull (Jodie's cousin's son)

Sarah (Debbie York's mom)

Sandra Whitefield

Sandy Carter (Debbie Cook's sisternlaw)

Tammy Bryans parents

Teagan Vantrease

Tom Hovies looking for a job

Wes Brown

Wes Taylor (Theda co-worker)

Wiley Carson (Debbie Cook's friend)

Featured Song of the Month

"In Jesus Name" by Kutless
Kutless Performs "In Jesus' Name" Acoustic and Unplugged

Featured Passage of Scripture

30 Jesus performed many other signs in the presence of his disciples, which are not recorded in this book. 31 But these are written that you may believe[b] that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.

John 20:30-31

World Vision Sponsorship - Derrick from Uganda

It's time for the our monthly sponsorship. Sponsorship is only $35 a month for a year. Please give the money to Jodie White each month.We are thankful for the opportunity to reach out and help a child in need. Thank you for your continued support!

Mission Statement

Our purpose as members of the LCPC Worship Arts Team is to collaborate with the pastor and all the ministries of the Church in an effort: To lead the people of God in proclaiming the precious Word and saving Power of our Father through heartfelt music and worship.

LCPC Worship Arts Team Financial Report


Beginning Balance (July 1, 2015)


(-) Debits

$2,400.00 Miller Piano (New digital piano)

$35.00 World Vision Sponsorship (July)

(+) Credits

$100.00 Donations

Ending Balance (July 31, 2015)


2015 LCPC Worship Arts Team

Worship Arts Instrumental Team

Alicia Hovies, Lola Watson & Marvin Williams, Piano

John Cardone & Jeremiah Vantrease, Drums

Shawn Frick, Electric Bass

Worship Arts Vocal Ensemble

Wes Brown, Tammy Bryan, Cynthia Frick, Richard Hartwell, Ariel Hillard, John Ryan Manning, Alisa Pierce, Shanda Presley, Janet Smith, Jerry Snodgrass, Cammy Tidwell, Jeremiah Vantrease, Lola Watson, Jodie White, & Cheri Williams

Worship Arts Celebration Choir

Lisa Baines, Wes Brown, Melissa Clemmons, Debbie Cook, Andrea Crowe, Donna Fantom, Richard Hartwell, Tom Hovies, Laurie Long, Mike Long, Annette Parisher, Alisa Pierce, Anita Price, Theda Rose, Lola Watson, Debbie York

Worship Arts Media Projection

Linda Bramhall, Kelly Hendricks, Chari Lewis, Candie Medlin & Jessica Vantrease

Worship Arts Sound Production

Eric Kuhl, Austin Maxwell, Bubba Phillips, Glenn Pierce & Gordon Smith

Worship Arts Recording Engineers

Greg Brockette, Eric Kuhl & Phillip Petty