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Description- Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers

Marketing managers help plan programs that create interests in products and services that a company sells. They collaborated with other high ranking people such as art directors and sales agents to improve their vision.
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To become a marketing manager it is required to get a bachelor's degree for the advertising, promotions, and marketing management positions available. It is recommended to have work experience in advertising, marketing, promotions, or sales behind an education.
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Training for this position is to intern with marketing companies who will provide you with real world experience while showing you the ropes. These will provide you with the basics that you can work up from as you learn to become a leading Marketing Manager. A membership to a professional organization, such as the American Marketing Association could also enhance the chances of getting into one of these positions.
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The median (average) wage for advertising and promotions managers was $88,590 as of May 1, 2012. The lowest wage earned was less than $43,270 and the highest was more than $187,200. As for Marketing managers, the lowest wage earned was $62,650 and the highest was $187,200.
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Job setting

The growth of advertising and promotion managers is expected to grow 7% from now to until 2022. The growth for marketing managers is expected to grow 13% from now to until 2022. The advertising and promotion managers are needed to plan and coordinate advertising and promotions, as well as introduce products and services to projected consumers. They will control media campaigns throughout social media, websites, and even live chats. These rolls need to be filled in the workplace in order for businesses to maintain and extend their part of the market. The expansion of online broadcasting of information will lower the rate for people looking for jobs within newspaper publishers. This does mean an increase in the amount of people needed to promote their business online well and thoroughly. Marketing managers will always have a demand in the workplace because they need them to market the businesses products to customers.
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Marketing managers should have a positive and creative outlook to their job. It has many aspects to take into account meaning that a level of organization is needed. As a manager you should be able to communicate with others well in sometimes stressful situations. People who want to become a marketing manager should be goal oriented and self determined as well as being able to get the job done on a timely manner.
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Other Information

Advertising, promotion, and marketing managers will produce materials such as posters, contests, coupons, and giveaways to create an interest in a product or service that a business or organization sells/produces.

Marketing managers make more on average than advertising and promotion managers do because there is always a need for them in the workplace. This means that it is a better/safer choice in a career because you have less chance of getting laid off or fired.


  • How many jobs are available, what cities, what are the wages etc.

Marketing Management- 977 jobs available in Atlanta, GA with a wage range of $45,000 to$55,000 a year. This is similar to cities such as New York(1,540), Chicago(1,252), and Los Angeles(638). The wages depend on what rank of a manager you are and how much you'd do for the company.

  • What internships are available in the marketing field?

In Atlanta, there are internships such as being a public relations assistant, entry level marketing manager (helps develop skills), and events & retail promotions.

In New York, internships range from entry level marketing assistant/fundraisers to full training in market managing.

In Chicago, they range from customers service training to marketing and sales representative experiences.

In Los Angeles, internships include entry level marketing to hospitality training.

  • What international positions are available?

There are opportunities all over the world that you can access through the internet. It's easier now than ever to get a job marketing internationally without even having to leave the office of home. It does provide you with traveling opportunities as well. From the information on the Amnesty International page, if you follow a career with them, you will be able to travel to many countries where you would have to know different languages and be present with world news. Cadillac is looking for an international marketing manager out of New York, NY. The infamous "Cirque du Soleil" is also looking for an eligible international marketer out of Las Vegas, NV. There are countless international positions all over the world that can provide you with the career you want while earning a good wage.

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