Mammoth Artical

By : Luna Gandara

Mammoths in Waco, Texas


During the Ice Age, many animals have gone extinct-the mammoth being one of them. The extinction of the mammoths had an enormous impact on the ecosystem; the resent discovery of the mammoths brought religious controversy.
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The discovery of this site was on a spring day in 1978 by Paul Barron and Eddie Bufkin. These fossils were found near the Bosque River. When the two men found these bones they took them to Baylor University for examination. This fossil was identified as Columbian mammoth, and they quickly started to do excavation of the site.

Between 1978 and 1990, there were 16 fossil remains of Columbian mammoths that were discovered. By 1990 and 1997 they discovered remains of camels. In total there are 24 mammoths discovered. These animals were found to be in a a circle and their young in the middle. It must of been that they were attacked or felt attacked, but it is still not known how they died. How did the extinction of the mammoths effect the ecosystem?

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The ecosystem

Mammoths were a very huge species. This meant that the humans hunted them for their meat and skin. This is one of the reasons that mammoths are extinct. Mammoths ate birch trees, so without these huge animals around, the trees absorbed more sunlight than the grasslands.

But there were also positive consequences after these animals went extinct. For example, without the mammoths around there was a bigger chance to let the smaller trees grow. Because the huge mammoths would crush the trees that were still growing there were not a lot of trees around. Birds would be able to reproduce and have a home in the trees without having their eggs broken or their homes destroyed. These animals changed our ecosystem with or without being around.

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controversy to religion

There are many different types of beliefs all around the world. Each has a different story of its own. All religions have a creation story, the way everything started in their own way. For example, in the Bible it never talks about dinosaurs or mammoths.

There are theories that mammoths and dinosaurs were created by God, possibly even taken into the ark, but later died. That may be it, but we are the ones making it up-not God or other religious people. Some people think that (with the discovery of the mammoths) their religion or stories are not telling the truth or saying everything hat happen.


The extinction of the mammoths had a massive impact on the ecosystem; and the resent discovery has religion going crazy with all of these questions. If there religion is saying the truth about their religions or stories.

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