Environmental Study Project

Josias Hernandez Period 1. Ms. Kibbey


jack brack found in 1838. By 1840 a small community had grown known as Jernigan. six year later they expanded northward then officially called it Orlando.

The population according to 2010 is 238,300. this place has change over time by the people and new place being created for visitors and the people who live here .


The highest temperature in Orlando was 103 in 1921. The lowest was 18 in 1894. The seasonal rainfall is 9.9 in in the spring 21.98 in the summer. the weather in Orlando can effect on people by being too cold in the winter or hot in the summer. Then no one would go out or visit Orlando.

Natural Disasters

Hurricane Wilma occurred in 10/24/2005. It left 957,000 home without no power.up 12,737 calls were made to 911. people wanted help because they were scared of there live being endangered .


Orlando has ton of wide life in it. In goods and bad. One good ways is visitors can come to places and see all of Orlando's wildlife. The bad is that those wild animals are not always nice so they can hurt or even kill people. My favorite is the monkey

because I like how it likes to plays be hanging on trees and just being wild. One Animal is see mostly is squirrels.


I know that Orlando is a very good place to live and lots of people would wanna come here to live. Also that Orlando has a major sporting. Orlando has won big games. houses in Florida are usually open for the air to go threw. Also for when on hot days just to open the windows.

Josias Map

On this map there are 3 places to where i go to hang out. Also my school and my house is there.


Well i was born in Newark New Jersey but my parents were born in Bonao Dominican Rep. New Jersey has an community. On the other hand Dominican Rep in total has no community Or does not feel like it does because it is a unsafe place police don't do nothing there also scared to even try to take down bad people. Well Dominican Rep is also a beautiful place for a vacation with beaches and more to do.

Newark New Jersey Flag

Dominican Rep Flag

Overall Reflection

Orlando is a big place. From all the info we know how it can rain a lot and become sunny also has differ temperature during different time of day from going too cold to hot. People here are more into exploring or going to new places for most people. Even the history of orlando is nice knowing that population according to 2010 is 238,300. people. Also the beautiful wild life like going to zoo for fun and discover the wildlife. Then come worst part where we have lots of natural disaster. What I like most about Orlando is that Orlando is warm in the summer. even though I like the warm weather I don't like how it does not snow in Orlando.