James River Hall

Staff Meeting 3/22/2016

Check in

  • Highs and Lows
  • Welcome Mentees!

Agenda Items

  • CSA training new time/location April 2nd MCM 347 @2:00
  • RHA banquet RSVP *check spam folder*
  • Making meaning week next week. Let's talk about what it's going to look like?
  • Bulletin Boards due this Sunday
  • BoV report. I need info
  • Ben's activity if there is time.

SRA Items

  • Staff appreciation
  • Exam week duty
  • End of the year staff bonding?

JR Items

  • Staff lunches
  • JR Buddies
  • Litbug


  • Kudos to Savannah for taking the PRAXIS this week! You're killing it!
  • Kudos to Sydney for sitting at the desk with such a welcoming spirit.
  • Kudos to the entire staff for being wonderful!\
  • Kudos to Arlyn and Sydney for being the best duty buddies
  • Kudos to Sydney for duty! Welcome to our house!!!!;)
  • Kudos to everyone for such a strong second semester!
  • Kudos to Sam for making sure everyone knew the lights went out when the lights went out
  • Kudos to everyone who responded to that power outage!
  • Kudos to ben for being there in a flash when the lights went out, you are the beessstt
  • Kudos to Keante for always being there for me when I need her, listening to me, and providing great advice!

Weekly Puzzle: Riddle edition

  • The more you take of them, the more you leave behind. What are they?
  • If you have three, you have three. If you have two, you have two. But if you have one, you have none. What is it?
  • This thing all things devours
    birds, beasts, trees, flowers
    gnaws iron, bites steel
    grinds hard stones to meal
    slays king, ruins town
    and beats high mountain down
    What am I? (bouns point if you know what this is from)
  • Riddle of the Sphinx: Which creature speaks with one voice, walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs in the evening?