Greek word that means premature aged.

What is Progeria and who is affected with the disease ?

Progeria is a disorder that causes children to age quickly. People that end with progeria are children. The children with progeria usually don't live past the age of 13.

Daily Life of Progeria

Symptoms of Progeria

  1. Visible veins
  2. Fragile bones
  3. High pitched voice
  4. Hair loss including eyelashes/eyebrows
  5. Slow growth below average height and weight

Type of mutation of this disorder is an point mutation. A point mutation is a mutation affected only one or very few nucleotides in a gene sequence.

Chromosome 1 is affected.

The gene that is mutated is Lamin A.


The sad thing about having progeria is there's no cure. You may take medications to try to help alleviate symptoms.

Other Facts

  • Fewer than 20,000 US causes per year occur randomly and isn't inherited.
  • 1999-October 2014 $18.5 million raised
  • Slow growth and hair loss begin 1st year or 2.
  • Both sexes and any race are equally to get progeria.
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