Anisakis Simplex

By: Miguel Looney A2

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Anisakis Simplex

Anisakis Simplex (or also known as a tapeworm), is an intestinal infection by a parasitic worm (Anisakidae).


This parasite has many symptoms to it. Such as:

Sudden, severe stomach pain



Spasmodic abdominal pain


Weight Loss

and much more.

How it attacks/Spreads

This parasite attacks your body by eating through your abdominal walls, intestines, and specific certain foods.

Anisakis can spread to human to human. Even while being treated for certain tapeworm infections, reinfection can result from ingesting tapeworm eggs shed by the adult worm into the stool, as a result of insufficient personal hygiene.

Where Anisakis is found

They are normally found in the instestines and rarely found throughout other parts of the body. They can also be in in your brain, but rarely happens.

Most common Symptoms

Severe headaches and vomitting is the major symptoms of having anisakis.

Prevention of having Anisakis

To prevent of having Anisakis, eat fresh fishes/crustaceans that are not contaminated with it, also non-contaminated water sources.