Falcon Ridge Family Updates

January 4, 2021

News and Tidbits

Hello Falcon Ridge Families,

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas/New Year's break with your loved ones. We are excited and ready to welcome students back to school this week!

This month's character trait is responsibility. Some examples of responsibility include:

  • Being in control of your own behavior
  • Being trusted with important jobs
  • Having your work finished on time
  • Doing your part when working together

During the month of January, students can earn a Falcon Card by demonstrating responsibility in academics and behavior. Falcon Cards are displayed on the hallway bulletin board and entered into a monthly drawing for fun prizes.

Many of you have asked about our reopening plan and next steps for this semester. As of now (January 4th) we are still in category Red. We have been able to return our Kindergarten and first grade students back to in-person learning. As of now, our second through eighth grade students are learning in the hybrid plan (A/B schedule). Some of the factors that influence the decision to return students back to in-person learning include the following:

  • CDH weekly Covid case number update
  • Family survey results
  • Staff survey results

The next School Board meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 12th. We will update families if/when we are able to resume in-person learning for additional grades.

Thank you for partnering with us. We are blessed to have such supportive families at Falcon Ridge!


Dr. Jorgensen

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Falcon Ridge Students Show Compassion

Last month Mrs. Wierschem and Ms. Wright organized a Christmas card campaign for elementary and middle school students. Students created beautiful Christmas cards to be shared with residents in care facilities and a hospital during the holiday season. Mrs. Wierschem and Ms. Wright delivered the cards to folks who may have not have had the pleasure of visitors due to restrictions during the pandemic. Thank you teachers and students for sharing some compassion and joy this season!

From the Student Handbook: Falcon Ridge Homework Policy

HOMEWORK (Remote Schoolwork)
The education of children must be considered a partnership between parents and teachers. Research shows that the most successful students, regardless of family income level or ethnic background, are those who perform regularly structured homework time. This parent-assisted practice serves a dual purpose:
1. Parent working with a child communicates to the child his/her priority in the parent’s life. This contact time develops more than academic skills; it develops a sense of self- value, and builds memories. 2. The discipline of nightly homework creates a habit that will benefit the student
throughout life.
School’s objective for homework
• Practice/Review – reinforce skills and concepts taught during class
• Responsibility – develop organizational/time management skills and self-discipline
• Feedback–gauge of students understanding and application of material taught (4th -8th)
• Preparation – preview of upcoming material to be presented during class (6th-8th)
It is our intent to require reasonable and constructive assignments that will encourage the student’s success in the classroom. It is important that our parents share our beliefs about homework and will support us in this. Homework performance typically serves as a barometer measuring parental support. Additionally, to do well in school your child must be present, on time, healthy, rested, and attentive.