News from the Middle (School)

Miss Foyle - March 20, 2015

Important Announcements & Reminders

*Thank you to the 6th grade parents and guests who attended (and brought snacks to) Tuesday's Greek Fest. It was a wonderful celebration of the students' hard work and creativity, and they were excited to share the morning with you!

*Check out March Madness for Saints - vote for your favorites here: (Next round starts March 23rd.)

*Please remember to sign your child's red assessment folder every weekend. Thank you for taking the time to review your child's progress and scores. Should you have any questions regarding assessments, please contact the subject teacher via email.

*Easter Break will be from April 3 (Good Friday) through April 10th. School resumes on the 13th. No aftercare or school activities will be held on April 2nd - please plan accordingly.

Classroom Updates

Grade 6 LA

Greek Mythology: On Tuesday, we celebrated our gods/goddesses unit with a Greek Fest. (This proves that everyone's Irish on St. Patrick's Day...even the Greeks.) Students did a phenomenal job performing their monologues. Costumes were stunning, and the food was delicious.

Reading: This week we started wrapping up our brief unit on folk literature. On Wednesday, students read the prologue from "The Whale Rider." (Students will compare and contrast the story with clips from the movie next week.) On Friday, students viewed Disney's "Mulan" to analyze an additional example of folk literature.

Writing: Students spent time this week studying the common elements of folk literature so that they, in turn, could compose their own original folk stories using the elements. Drafts were due Friday, and students will have an opportunity to revise and edit their stories early next week.

Grammar: Students studied proper nouns and adjectives this week. They also learned about the four different types of sentences: declarative, imperative, exclamatory, and interrogative.

Word Study: This week's root word was VICT, as in victory, evict, and convict.

Grade 7 Religion

On Monday, students prayed the Stations of the Cross - the version they used was a non-traditional one that focused on social justice in our world today.

On Tuesday and Thursday, students received and worked on their prayer project guidelines - some of the project was completed in class (poster, iMovie, etc.) while some of the project is in the process of being completed at home (prayer journal entries). Students spent the first half of class on Thursday preparing for next week's Reconciliation service.

On Friday, the 7th graders examined the three components of moral decision-making, and they will continue to strive to understand and apply these concepts early next week through given scenarios and activities.

Grade 8 Religion

Students prayed the Stations of the Cross on Monday at St. Joseph's Church. Through the reflections, students engaged in applying each station's message to their own lives.

On Tuesday, students answered questions about Sts. Peter and Paul based on last week's Catholicism episode. Then, they spent time discussing their responses. They also demonstrated their understanding of the roles of Peter and Paul in the early Church by doing a choice activity through which they noted key contributions to the early Church as well as aspects about each man they admire.

On Thursday and Friday, students explored the three journeys of St. Paul in Acts of the Apostles. They worked in groups to read from the Bible about his routes and the effects he had on the early Church through his evangelization.