When You Reach Me

Stead, Rebecca

Raygen Scherer

March 5th, 2014.



Miranda is a twelve year old girl who is helping her mother prepare for a game show. She is very creative and independent. She does a lot of writing, too. Her best friend is Sal, a boy who lives in the same apartment building as her. Sal and Miranda get in a mix up and quit talking for a while. MIranda becomes friends with a girl from school, Annemarie. Miranda spends time trying to find who her true friends really are. I think of Miranda as a more intense and cerebral person.


Annemarie is Miranda's new best friend. Once Miranda and Sal quit talking, Annemarie and her became very good friends. She is also creative. She was once best friends with a really mean girl, Julia. Annemarie is on a special diet where she can only eat certain foods. She doesn't tell many people about it, but Julia knew and told Miranda. She has a crush n a boy named Colin who works at a store with her. She ends up receiving a rose one day, and hopes it is from Colin.


Sal is a boy who lives in the same apartment building as Miranda. He was best friends with her until one day they got in a mix up and quit talking for a while. Sal spent most of his days outside playing basketball in the alley behind the apartment building. Sal is beginning to pull away and no longer want to be friends with Miranda. Miranda thinks as Sal as her other half who is always there for her.

Miranda's Mother

Miranda's mom is a kind, polite, person. She entered a game show and her daughter is helping her get ready for it. She is dating a guy named Richard who she calls "Mr. Perfect." Miranda's mom aspires to be a public defense lawyer. She wears the funkiest clothes but very wise towards her daughter. She has fiery, red, curly hair and a bright smile.


This story took place in 1978- 1979 in New York City. This story doesn't say what time of year it took place. it pretty much took place all year round, the story takes place during all four seasons. The street that mostly came up in the story was Amsterdam. Miranda and her friends are introduced to the busy streets, wacky stores, and crazy people who call this city home.


"When You Reach Me" is about a girl helping her mother prepare for a game show. During the weeks of preparation, Miranda tells the readers a little bit about her neighborhood she lives in. As I was reading the story one thin that caught my attention was the laughing man. The laughing man was an old, crazy man who sleeps under a mailbox. Miranda sees him everyday on her way to school and on her way back. Miranda also mentions her best friend Sal. He is a boy who lives in her apartment building and they have been friends since they were younger. at the beginning of the story Miranda and Sal get in an argument and stop talking for a while. The day they stop talking, Sal was punched by a kid named Marcus. Later in the story, Marcus was chasing Sal to try to apologize to him. Sal thought he was going to punch him again, so he ran all the way to an intersection full of moving cars. Sal went so far that he was almost hit my a huge truck, when the laughing man came out of no where and kicked Sal out of the way, getting hit by the truck. Before the laughing man died, Miranda was getting suspicious notes from an unknown writer. She had no clue what some of the notes meant. After the laughing man's death, Miranda realized he had been the one writing the notes and new that he would save one of her friends life. His notes to her were about the protection of her and her friends. At the game show, Sal and Miranda were best friends again. Her mom ended up winning the show and earned $20,000. Miranda's mother and her boyfriend Richard got engaged.


"When You Reach Me" was published in 2009. The novel had reached the best-seller lists of the New York Time, Los Angelos Times, and USA Today. Other than the Newbery Award, "When You Reach Me" had earned many other Best Book of the Year awards. This book is classified in the science fiction and mystery genres. It also includes features of other genres too. This medal shall be awarded to the artist of the most distinguished American picture book for children published by an American publisher in the U.S. in English during the preceding year. There is no limit to the amount of characters in the book, but the illustrations must be original work. The book must be published by Untied States residents. This award winning book should provide the children with a visual experience. There to the story, theme, or concept. In 1921Frederic G. Melcher had the Newbery medal designed by Renee Paul Chambellan. The bronze metal has the winner's name and date on the back. The award was for "Children's Librarians' Section" although the title has changed several times.

Rebecca Stead

Rebecca Stead grew up in New York in the seventies and eighties. Her book "When You Reach Me" received a Newbery Award in 2010. Rebecca Stead is really interested in fiction books. She never really wrote a lot, though. She became a lawyer, got married, and started working as a public defender. She wrote stories for adults when she could find the time. She had two sons, but still managed to find time to keep up with her writing career. One day her three year old son pushed her laptop off of the table and all of her stories disappeared. Rebecca Stead the most important thing about writing is that there is no rules. She was born January 16th, 1968. Her second novel was "When You Reach Me". Rebecca is married to Sear O'Brien. She has two sons, Eli and Jack. She enjoyed writing as a child but she felt it was "impractical" so she became a lawyer instead. Rebecca gives credit to her sons for inspiring her to write novels for children.

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed this book because the whole theme, plot, setting, and characters make this story very interesting. The fact that the vocabulary in this story isn't too challenging keeps me focused more. I would like to read books that are more like this. I think "When You Reach Me" deserved the Newbery Award. It was a good book and fit the criteria well. The only thing that I would've changed about the book is to add a little illustration, but not a lot.