Special Education Weekly Update

February 17, 2016

Scholarship Notification Update

Scholarship Notification Update

In an effort to streamline procedures, we would like to make the following additional changes to the annual notice of the Scholarship Notification information. An additional bank had been added to the PR-01 document under question #6. “A description of other factors that are relevant to. . .” Effective immediately (or as soon as possible) please use the following procedures:

  1. Annual Reviews & Initial IEP meetings held: include the information in the Other Information of the Cover Page section and have parent sign.

  2. Amendments, other IEP team meeting, Reevaluation ETR meetings held: Within the body of the PR-01 in question #6 include the wording for Scholarship Notification from the district bank. The parent does not need to sign this portion.

  3. Initial Evaluations: Please enter the scholarship notice in question #6 on the PR-01 indicating that the district is going to conduct an evaluation and have the parent sign it. That statement will also be found under the Scholarship Notification but designated as for Initial Evaluations as you will get a parent signature on the PR-01, one copy will go to the parent another for the final ETR packet.

As some of the District Banks are becoming large, in the coming months we will be cleaning up the District Banks into specific categories. In order to find the District Bank for Scholarship Notification you will need to:

  1. Click into the box for question #6

  2. Click on the other box and a drop down menu appears

  3. Select Scholarship Notification

  4. Click on the item in the bank

Other items will be combined into different topics to make it easier to find information within the banks. If you have any additional questions please contact your supervisor.

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