50 million people dead in 3 years.

By: Antonio Alva

The Black Death

The black death was the plague that occurred centuries ago in Europe. This plague is carried by fleas who are carried by rats. The Bubonic Plague would cause bumps on the skin, and was very fatal. Almost 2/3rd of Europe's population was wiped out from this, and all of this in the span of just 3 years.

In the map shown here, you can see the how the plague spread across Europe. The plague hit major parts of Europe, decimating London, Paris, Berlin, Switzerland, all of Germany, all of Italy, Rome, Spain, Madrid, Greece, Belgium; the magnitude of this plague was horrendous. It even spread out of Europe and to Africa and touching USSR.

So how do we prevent this disease?

There was only one thing that lead to this mass death, and it was poor sanitation. The Black Death was carried by fleas on rats, which would infect people by the hundred. Castles and boats were infected with these rats, and that's the only reason why it spread. The whole issue was resolved by preventing rats from spreading everywhere, and having an overall more sanitary lifestyle. It isn't common today, since most people have clean homes with no rats and fleas at every corner.