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The Photography Corner

What types of Photgraphy?

Where are MILLIONS of pictures on the planet earth, but the many pictures have many designs. Take vintage black and white picture from the 1900's and take colorful pictures from 1950's and to now. Our photographic design is a stellar point of view for those who used to paint our portraits and scenery.

Steam Power

The benefits to the steam powered generation

There was once a time when we only had fire to light the world, then the power of wind mills and water mills came along to power rural contraptions. Then came along steam power to show our cities a light of industrial progress, but likes steam, it comes and then goes. But that coming and going is something that always regenerating. As we evolve and design our morale of tomorrow, there are some who sometimes don't wish to evolve with the rest of the people who co-exist in our universe.

The quality of arts: Drawing and painting

The Financial Corner

Employment Today and how it was before

Today we work in a world that always is on the move and is working to improve the lifestyle that in which case, was created to produce our mortal coil's time line and the strength of its world after the one we live in today. Depending on your perspective, the way you work today, is very different on the ones around your work space. You have the same pay rates as your co-workers and sometimes can change. Think about the rights that you have judging how you look, think, communicate, and feel about the world and others.

The world is cruel sometimes, and wont give your equal piece of the cake, but that's how things are, your ethnic, language, behavior, and gender, will effect your work, and that is something that you must live with. Sure, you can have someone help you out with the issue, but that won't last forever, will it?


Today and yesterday: What the difference?

What you live with today is a world that is holograms and robots, it was never a way of being on the path to an easier life with cheating to it, it was always the hardship of assembly and processing. When you look out your window, you see building and or tree's that were newly planted a while back, what do you think put those there? Machines, no, everything was built and planted by hardworking human beings who worship the liberties that were given to do. Children of the coming wind are going to grow lazily and never experience what working was really like. Is there a real option of hardship, or is there nothing but a pipe dream?
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Sci-Fi Times: Differences with it's designs and themes

There many interesting types of sci-fi related themes, but the main ones are usually the big picks are something like:

-Sci-Fi and Fantasy: Robots/Fairies

-Sci-Fi and Time: (ex) Doctor Who

These are two I chose, there are actually hundreds of types for the themes for Books, TV shows, drawing, gaming, etc.