Lower School Newsletter

March 8th 2015

Dear LS Families,

Our school offers a rich and vibrant school community. While our students are often busy with sports, clubs, and hobbies in their local communities, they also have fun with each other through online clubs and activities. Because we believe that connected learners are successful learners, our online clubs, competitions, school assemblies and virtual field trips help foster relationships--and build life-long friendships--all around the globe.

Below you will find information about the clubs we are currently offering. If your student would like to participate in any of the clubs and virtual field trips below, please send a Kmail to the teacher responsible for the event/club.

Best Regards,
Dina Justen

Upcoming Events

March 11th - Spring Term 5 Start

March 25th - Fall Term 6 Mid-Term

March Progress Expectations

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iCademy Dubai Online!

iCademy Dubai: www.icademydubai.com
Pansophic Learning: www.pansophiclearning.com
K12 Inc: www.k12.com
K12 Start: www.k12start.com