By: Will Wright

Chemical Symbol: Hg

How did Mercury get it's name?

- Named after the fastest moving planet in our solar system, Mercury.

- Named after it's Greek name, hydrargryum, which means, "liquid silver,"

- Also known as, quick silver, for it's mobility.

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Atomic Number = 80

Family = Group 12

Protons = 80 Period = 6

Atomic Mass = 200.59

Valence Electrons = 6

Electrons = 80

Melting Point = -38.83°C or -37.89°F

Neutrons = 121

Boiling Point = 356.73°C or 674.11°F

Isotopes = 7

Density = 13.5336 grams per cubic centimeter

Estimated Crust Abundance = 8.5 x 10 to the negative second power

Matter = Liquid

Where I can Find It, and What's It Used For?

Spain and Italy produce half the world's Mercury supply.

Obtained from Cinnabar.

Used for thermometers, barometers, and diffusion pumps.

Mercury vapor is used in street lights, and mercury is used to conduct electricity.

Interesting Facts:

1. Mercury is very poisonous. It can seep through your skin, breathing it in is poisonous, and it can poison you if touched.

2. Some fish such as, swordfish, contain high levels of mercury.