Holy Holly Jolly Box of HAPPY!!!!

Hello Team Perfect!

{October newsletter being sent in December!}

I am completely blown away!! We added an INCREDIBLE 52 new members to Team Perfect this month! This Holly Jolly Box of Happy has given us a major edge this holiday season. Welcome to all of our new team members. I hope you are finding your home with us on our Facebook group, and are getting all the help you need to maximize your sales this holiday. Our October was a huge success, and we can all just buckle down and hold on to our hats for a wild November!



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Check out all of our Team Perfect Top Achievers for October 2014!!


Congratulations to our promoting team members in October 2014!

Team Leader

Dianna Arguello

Kelly Ballangee

Linda Bueltel

Bonnie Gonzalez

Leading Designer

Lisa Birkhead

Ivie Ehiemua

Angie & Abraham Nunez

Gaylene Ortiz

Susan Puhar


Total Team Perfect volume October 2014: $73,494.35

Top 5 individual volume, October 2014:

Linda Bueltel $6,886.40

Amanda Collins $1,682.60

Deby Alexander $1,545.70

Crystal Clark $1,513.10

Imelda Garcia $1,453.00

Top 5 team volumes, October 2014:

Nina Chavira & Jordyn Chavira (Charmed Chicas) $23,585.20

Yvonne Kline (Linked with Love) $13,463.20

Lisa Garbe (Rhinestone Cowlgirls) $9,794.85

Bonnie Gonzalez $9,643.20

Linda Bueltel $8,531.10


Total Team Perfect new members: 52!!!!

Top Mentor
Our top mentor for October was tied between four team members who each sponsored 3 new designers this month: Dianna Arguello, Nina Chavira, Gilda Flores, and Aubrianna Insco! Congrats to each of you!!!

2 new designers

Kelly Ballengee

Linda Bueltel

Lisa Garbe

Bonnie Gonzalez

Yvonne Kline

BobbiJo Stufflebeam

Rachel Turner & Janessa Robinson

Peggy Vaughn

1 new designer

LaMonica Alvarado

Bea Arellano

Jenny Cottrell

Clarissa Cuellar

Ivie Ehiemua

Gaila Ellis

Antonia Garcia

Tiffany Guerrero

Philip Insco

Caitlin Lara

Nicole Lara

Karen Leake

Lori Nickester

Gaylene Ortiz

Heather Peal

Susan Puhar

Sheryl Schlatter

Susan Shannon

Melissa Steinbach

Ester Valenzuela

Stephanie White

Congratulations team on a great month!!

For accountability purposes, here are my own October Stats:

PV = $1,514.40, new personally sponsored designers = 2


Please join me in giving a warm welcome to our 52 newest Team Perfect members who joined in October 2014!

Katayoun Agenmonmen

Patricia Alexander

Geena Arellano

Linda Backus

Angela Bauer

Betty Brister

Kimberly Carabillo

Kelita Castle

Kayla Chambers

Beverly Clendennen

Kimberly Clovis

lauren Collazo

Jenny Cottrell

Amanda Daly

Christi Davis

Raven Davis

Lisa Eylens

Gabriel Garza

Alicia Gomez

Tiffany Guerrero

Christy Gunter

Laura Hoffer

Amberly Holliday

Philip Insco

Lauren Kubacki

Nicole Lara

Ciera Lara

Donnette Lowe

Kayla Luyando

James Lynch

Barbara Malone

Nichole Mark

Kristi Marks

Claudia Mata

Ann Michaud

Estelle Murchison

Gaylene Ortiz

Connie Perry

Robert Puhar

Deborah Reynolds

Regina Robinson

Judy Rohrssen

Kristina Salazar

Mary Skerjanc

Sheri Smith

Todd Smith

Byron Stufflebeam

Irma Trevino

Nancy Vance

Amy Varner

LaShawnda Young


Congratulations to the following team members who had $1,000PV or more in October! Watch your mail for a special little recognition on its way from me!

Linda Bueltel $6,886.40

Amanda Collins $1,682.60

Deby Alexander $1,545.70

Crystal Clark $1,513.10

Imelda Garcia $1,453.00

Dawn Holmes $1,340.10

Kelly Ballengee $1,254.40

Marna Erhart $1,250.95

Lisa Doyle $1,205.80

Tiffany Guerrero $1,200.90

Ivie Ehiemua $1,174.90

Heather Peal $1,038.20

Cindi Lepley $1,013.20

Dalila Galindo $1,009.50


If you're a member of Team Perfect and you also use Facebook, please join us online at https://www.facebook.com/groups/teamowlsome/
Our group is a great place for information, camaraderie, and quick answers to your questions!


My name is Katie Curtis and if you're receiving this message, you are part of Team Perfect! Please feel free to contact me for help on anything.

Our team website is still under construction, so don't worry. If you click the link and not much is there, that's OK! More to come very soon!!