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March 15th


Join us Tuesday at 9pm EST for our National Sales Call!! https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/6558659799697196034
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Southeast Leader Call TOMORROW

Topic: SE Video Call~ Bridal FAQ
Time: Mar 16, 2016 8:00 PM (GMT-4:00) Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://zoom.us/j/130926224

Or iPhone one-tap: 14157629988,130926224# or 16465687788,130926224#

Or Telephone:
Dial: +1 415 762 9988 (US Toll) or +1 646 568 7788 (US Toll)
Meeting ID: 130 926 224

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Bridal Train

Wedding Bells are RINGING!!!!! Time to jump on the BRIDAL TRAIN!!!!! Refresh with these GREAT bridal webinars (previously recorded), one written and presented by ME, yours truly!!!!!!

AND don't forget to shop your bridal spree that ends TONIGHT!!!!

*https://goto.webcasts.com/viewer/event.jsp?ei=1060855 ( you have the register to watch, the preso begins at the 8 min mark, & the deck is available to review under "event resources")
* https://community.chloeandisabel.com/videos/1066

Bridal Guest Blog

Hey there ‪#‎Flyers‬~ I was asked to write up a Bridal Blog today for all of our Fast Starters in Chloe + Isabel. Here is my post. Hope this helps you!!! XO

Hello sweet Fast Starters!!!! I have some MAJOR tips for you today to get your BRIDAL BIZ TRAIN on the tracks and rolling FULL SPEED AHEAD!!!!! As a wedding guru myself I am here to help!!!! Ask anyone, I could talk ALL day about bridal and wedding but I am going to simplify things for you and we can dive deeper if needed! So here are my TOP 3 TIPS to get started TODAY!!!

1. Look for local wedding/bridal expos in your area! This opens a whole can of BRIDAL awesomeness for you!! More details on how to book an expo and what to do will be highlighted in the video below. This is a HUGE step for you and will take work and planning but it will open so many doors for you as the Bridal IT GIRL in your area! Talk with myself or your assigned leader about how you can successfully achieve this!

2. Meet local bridal/wedding vendors!!! This is HUGE and can be done TODAY!!! Search FB for local wedding professional pages and groups. Trywww.meetup.com and start attending your local wedding industry group. Google wedding vendors, groups, affiliations and more. Do some homework, spend some time researching!! Get established and form some relationships with industry peers!!! The magic will happen once this occurs!! Soon they will want you to style an event, show up for a photo shoot, supply jewels for a bridal fashion show, etc. Put in the work, show them some LOVE and you are golden!!

3. Make sure your network, online and in person, know you are the bridal jewelry girl in their life!!!! Market yourself on FB and social media, message brides to be that you know, leave your bridal lookbooks and cards at local salons and dress shops. Everyone needs to know what YOU do so tell them!!! Act like a bridal stylist and you will be one!!!

SHHHHHHHHH......this extra tip is super secret for your eyes only!!!! Want to know a fun trick I do?? I shop around at Barnes and Nobles and casually sneak my biz cards with my little bridal brochure or postcard, into a handful of wedding magazines and bridal books. You gotta be super savvy and sneaky but how fun is that???? Does it work?? Not sure BUT hey it sure is fun!!!! LOL

This video is an oldie but goodie that I did for my team a few years ago. Hope you like it!! Bridal Tips - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfBXb72mNCE&feature=youtu.be

Push Customer Appreciation

It may seem early to push these holidays BUT Easter, Mother's Day and Teacher Appreciation Week and end of school is upon us in the next 2 months. When following up this month to push the $200 orders for the $50 credits, using these holidays may come in handy!!!! People can shop now to have themselves covered for these events that will sneak up on them!!! Our petite items and studs are great for little girls and their Easter baskets, stock up on Mom day gifts and I do studs for all of my teachers for appreciation week and/or end of the year gifts!!!! Think ahead and get your previous customers on board for that $200 as well as try to snag some new ones!!!
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Follow Up TIPS

Here are some FOLLOW UP tips to help you tonight and tomorrow!!!

/ Go back and look thru ALL of your orders!! Personally message everyone or text them a suggested item to compliment their purchases and remind them about the March incentives to shop! Make sure to include your link to shop!

/ Do the same for rsvps to online pop ups that did not order and/or guests who did not attend or order from a March pop up so far

/ Make a list of 25- 50 local businesses such as salons, bakeries, Dr offices, real estate offices etc. Circle at least 5 that you will stop and DROP your catalogs and cards to this week. Repeat with 5 more next week and so on.

/ Book a repeat hostess. For you veterans out there, contact past hosts and get them on board to host a spring pop up for March of April.

/ www.meetup.com search local professional women meetups. Join and take part, meet new connections. I recommend FEMALE based groups only for this and wedding groups.

/ Conversational/compliment approach selling......make a list of 10 ladies who have not shopped with you ever. Message them and suggest a few items that you know they would love. Use a compliment in your message, bring up a detailed subject reference. For example....."I loved that simple little black dress you wore to Suzie's wedding last year. You have such great style. I saw this necklace and totally thought of you, it looks like something you would look fab in!!"