5th Grade Team East

Mr. Waggoner(Math), Mrs. Fruit(ELA), Ms. Tindall(SCI/SS)

Welcome to Meadow Brook 5th Grade! We are so happy to have you!

Winter Dance-- Dec. 19 from 3:05-4:30

PTSO is hosting a WINTER DANCE!

Students can pay $5 to stay after school until 4:30. We will have a DJ set up in the cafeteria and games set up in the gym. Come join us for a fun time!

Concessions will be available for purchase.

Skate Night Monday, December 16th!

Winter Break: December 23rd- January 6th


Students need a handheld pencil sharpener! (Nonelectric please!)

Kona Ice days:

Dec. 18

Jan. 29

Feb. 26

March 25

April 29

May 20

*Kiddie- $2, Klassic- $3, King (with souvenir cup)- $5

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What's Going on In Math? 12/2 - 12/20

We have been working with fractions. We are now starting to add and subtract fractions where finding a common denominator is necessary. This will also require students to be able to reduce/simply their answers. Any additional help you can give your child in finding the least common multiples/common denominators and knowing the factors (numbers that multiply to get a number) of a number will help them greatly! There are many games below as well as websites that will give your students extra help and practice with these skills. Always let me know if there is ever anything I can do to help!

About Mr. Waggoner and 5th Grade Math

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

Welcome to a great new year! I am excited to be your child’s 5th-grade math teacher! I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. This is my 14th year in education, 13 in Mustang and 1 year in Kansas. I was in the classroom for 6 years teaching third grade,1 year of 6th-grade math, 5 years as an assistant principal at Canyon Ridge Intermediate, and last year here at Meadow Brook as a 5th-grade math teacher.

I was born in Wichita Falls, Texas, but was raised in Kansas. I have a wonderful wife named Amber, but no children. Amber and her family were born and raised in Oklahoma, so this is where I decided to call home. I am a huge sports fan! I love the Texas Rangers, Texas Longhorns, OKC Thunder, Wichita State Shockers, and the Cincinnati Bengals.

As for my educational background, I received my Bachelor's of Education from Wichita State University and soon after received my first Master’s degree in Math Education. I then decided to attain my second Master’s degree, which is in Educational Administration, in order to be a principal.

I do not feel that sending home homework for students in the 5th grade helps students academically and research shows that there is no evidence to show homework is beneficial for 5th graders. It is always my attempt to have students complete the assignment in class, so they do not have to bring anything home to work on. Please know that I will be in contact with you if your student is struggling and/or not getting assignments completed, so we can work on a plan to help them be successful.

In 5th grade, your child will be challenged with a lot of new material in math. It is very important that there is communication between parents and teachers. If you ever have any questions or concerns about your child, feel free to call. You can reach me at 256-5250. Feel free to also email me at WaggonerR@Mustangps.org. Without communication between the two of us, it will be very difficult for your child to reach his or her full academic capability.

Please check below for great math games and resources to help your student in math. there are also resources and websites on my webpage, which has a link above. I am looking forward to a fun and successful year! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

Math Resources

Everyday Math
Facts Practice
Math Games
Math Skills Quizzes
Advanced Math

How to log in to EveryDay Math for Games and Tutorials

How to Login to Everyday Math for Students

1. Students need to go to Google.com

2. They will click the sign-in on the top right corner

3. Their login username is their student id/lunch number@mustangps.org. Their password is the same as they use to login to a school computer

4. For example if a student's lunch number is 12345, their login would be 12345@mustangps.org and their password is their school computer password.

5. Once logged in, they will click the 3x3 area (looks like a waffle) in the top right corner. They will click the Google Drive Icon.

6. Once in Google Drive, they will click the 3x3 Icon again and at the bottom will be the McGraw-HIll Icon (it is red). If it doesn't show up, click more and you will see it.

7. When you click the McGraw Hill Icon it will take them to their Everyday Math page where they can play games, see tutorials, and practice.

Let me know if you are having any problems!

Science & Social Studies

Science 12/2-12/20: We are in the middle of our Earth Science unit. We are learning about Earth's spheres and how they interact. Spheres include atmosphere, hydrosphere, geosphere/lithosphere, and biosphere. There will be an at home project to complete with this unit. Dates and details will be addressed and sent home later after we have learned concepts of this unit. We will also begin learning about the Earth's relationship with the sun and Earth's movements.

Vocabulary terms to know for Earth unit: hydrosphere, biosphere, geosphere/lithosphere, atmosphere, evaporate, condensation, precipitation, water cycle, climate, erosion, deposition, weathering, rotation, revolution, axis, orbit, and constellation,

Social Studies 12/2-12/20: We are starting to learn about the 13 colonies, New England colonies, Middle colonies, Southern colonies, the people & religious beliefs, economy, government, and way of life for each colony.

Important people to know are John Winthrop, Roger Williams, Anne Hutchinson, Puritans, Pilgrims, William Penn, Quakers, Peter Stryvesant, Benjamin Franklin, James Oglethorpe, George Calvert

Vocabulary terms we will be learning are: indentured servants, assembly, charter, consent, frontier, industry, export, import, naval stores, free-market, triangular trade route, Middle Passage, proprietor, refuge, immigrant, tolerate, apprentice, port, debtor, backcountry, slave, indigo

I am here to help you and your student. Communication is a key to teamwork. Parents, teachers, and students should work as a team to help your student be successful. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I can be reached by calling 405-256-5250, email TindallA@mustangps.org, or text through Remind.

ELA- Mrs. Fruit

About me:

Welcome to team 5 East! I am so excited to see what the year has in store! My name is Morgan Fruit. I have recently gotten married so you might see my maiden name on your students schedule- Kasserman. This is my fourth year teaching. I previously taught at Canyon Ridge and moved to Meadow Brook when it opened in 2018. I graduated from UCO with my teaching degree in elementary education.

What's Going On In ELA?

Only three weeks until Christmas break! For these three weeks we will be working on text structures and applying it to our writing. We will be working on a Christmas Around the World newspaper! This is such a fun writing project. It is super helpful for students to not miss school in these three weeks so they don't fall behind. There isn't much time to lose!

Don't forget to be studying for weekly vocab!

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