News From Room 11

May 24th

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What a fun Ocean Week!

What we will be learning/doing Next Week:

*Language Arts Unit 6: Week 1- What kind of adventures can we have an any day?

-Vocabulary: adventurous, anxious, inquisitive, insignificant, route

-Grammar/Mechanics: subjects and predicates

-Spelling Words: book, look, cook, took, hood, wood, toy, coin, mother, love

-Skill: Fantasy / Reality

* Math- Review Unit 4 and test

Important Notes:

It was nice to see how proud all the first graders were as they toured parents through our classroom. We had so much fun during Ocean Week and I’m glad to share it with you during Open House! Next time you happen to be at the beach have your child tell you all about the seaweed, water, or creatures that live there.

On Tuesday, please have your child wear their SSF T-shirt and bring a lunch. (Brown paper bag would be nice but not necessary. We will provide fish crackers for snack. The bus will leave SSF at 8:45 so don’t be late!!! There won’t be time to shop so don’t send money with your child.

I need some GOOD WORKERS to help complete our Memory Books. I'm going to choose a few days in the next 2 weeks for parents to gather together for a few hours to power through. I'll provide snacks... if you're interested, please send me an email. Thanks!

Upcoming Events:

May 27th: Memorial Day-No School

May 28th: Field Trip to Scripps Aquarium

May 30th: Gold Medal Ceremony at 8:45

June 7th: Volunteer Tea at 8:30

June 13th: Last Day of SCHOOL!


Christy Campbell