Game suit

Be part of the game


Ever wondered how it would be like to be part of a game. With the Game Suit, you can find out. Be able to interact with NPCs and other players in a whole other level. And you don't have to worry about running into a wall. With the slick pad, you'll be able to move around without the trouble of running into a wall.
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how to use

In order to use the Game Suit, you'll need a wide space to place the Slick Pad.

Wirelessly connect the Game Suit's helmet into your computer.

but up the game you want to play, I could be anything you want.

Put on the Game Suit's gloves and boots.

step onto the Slick Pad.

Put on the Game Suit's helmet.

Turn it on. There's a switch in the back of the helmet.

your ready to play