Rat Snake

by jack andrade

Why is it Natural Selection

rat snakes adapt to their local enviorment of different colors yellow stirped, black to orange, and greenish depending on their enviorment

History of Rat Snake

The history of Rat Snakes are that they manly eat rodents they can be found in the Northern Hemisphere they are also 3m and (10ft) they can also be on the top level of the food chain. they can even blend with their surroundings. also the Rat Snake is the best climbing spices in Florida. Life History

The diet of the red rat snake primarily consists of small mammals (i.e. rodents), lizards, birds and eggs.This species kills its prey by constriction, as they have no toxic venom or fangs.


The future

In the future you would expect to see if youer in the forrest you would she green snakes insted of other snakes