Hardware and software


Hardware is something that you can physically touch. Things that are part hardware are things like a mouse a keyboard are laptop... and much more.

Inputs: Mouse, Keyboard, Scanner, Microphone, Graphics tablet, Button, Touch screen.... And lots more..

Outputs: Speakers, Printer, Headphones, Plotter, Motor, Projector, Monitor, Lights.... and much more!

Storage: CD, DVD, USB stick, Hard Drive, Zip Disk.. and more!

What is an Input? An Input is a computer system that has movement and that you can actually carry around and take it with you to places and that is not too heavy.

What is an Output? An output is a computer system that are too heavy to take around with you.


Software is a thing that you can't physically touch. if you didn't have software you computer device would be useless. You would not have the internet without software, you wouldn't be able to surf on the internet

Program: Word, Excel, Firefox, Google Chrome, Power Point....

Operating System: Android, Windows, Apple, Debian, Ubuntu....