Every Mother Counts Campaign

Support the cause through purchase of an Illuminate Cuff


Stella & Dot is proud to continue our partnership with Every Mother Counts this year. Thanks to your generous support we have raised over $174,000 for this amazing organization since this partnership formed.

Did you know approximately 287,000 women die every year from complications related to pregnancy and childbirth, yet 98% of them can be prevented. Every Mother Counts is a non-profit organization dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother, in all areas of the world through transportation, education and supplies.

They inform, engage, and mobilize new audiences to take actions and raise funds that support maternal health programs around the world.

For more info on this organization, visit: www.everymothercounts.org.

To purchase an Illuminate cuff & check out the new line, look here:


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Malleable gold-plated brass cuff with a beautiful hand woven braid pattern. The interior is embossed with the names of all the important ladies in your life: MERE – SOEUR – FILLE – MOTHER – SISTER – DAUGHTER – MAMA – SCHWESTER – TOCHTER; which translates to Mother, Sister, Daughter in French, English, and German.Buy one for your mother, daughter, sister, BFF and more! Because GIVING BACK is always in style!
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I HAVE A PERSONAL GOAL TO SELL 30 ENLIGHTEN BRACELETS BY 8.31 & I'm also looking for Ambassadors (FREE rewards for you!)

But I can't do it alone.....Want to support the cause with me?

Simply reply to this campaign and let me know if you want 1, 2, 3 or more. The cost per bracelet is $39 and 100% of the proceeds will go to the Every Mother Counts Foundation. I will cover the tax and shipping for you.

I'm also looking for Every Mother Counts Ambassadors:

All you have to do is accept my challenge to sell 10 Stella & Dot Every Mother Counts bracelets in August. I will even give you the wording for your posts/emails/texts, etc.. I'll create an online show for you and when your friends shop - you will earn free jewelry. It's just that simple- & once you get your 10, I will gift you an Illuminate bracelet. Let me know if you are up for the challenge! Super fun & easy!

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What else is happening at Stella & Dot!?

I just returned from our big annual conference, HOOPLA and was thrilled to get to see the entire new collection in person, and hear the inspiration behind everything from our amazing Chief Creative Officer, Blythe Harris. I would love your opinion! New accessories makes you feel like you just got a whole new wardrobe.

Let's also get you your FASHION FIX FOR FREE! I'm currently booking my August calendar-- in-person & even online virtual style sessions. Want an avg. of $250 free & my special offer- one of our new personalized engravables for free!? Contact me to learn more.

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If not, i'd love to add you!

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As always thank you for your support- it means the world to me!