The First Continental Congress

By: Delegate Christopher

The Continental Congress

In September, 5, 1774 in Philadelhia delegates should be chosen to represent each colony but Georgia. They think that they are not part of the problem. We are discussing about the British. They still make the sugar tea and stamp act. the problems are paying all the taxes, they are closing Boston harbor to make us suffer and british soldiers are going to live in our houses! We are done with them they think that is a law. So people that buy british good are traitors. So king george the III is upset about it so he needs to stop the sugar tea stamp act.


Monday, Sep. 5th 1774 at 5-8am

Philadelphia, PA, United States

Philadelphia, PA

Are solution is to boycott british goods. But if we see one of the people buying their goods they are traitors. So They do not get money. We are going to make are own goods to buy those to get more money to make the british mad and angry

Discuss in congress

We are all discussing to talk about the British and then taking about the solution about boycotting the British stores