Legislative Process Lesson Plan

Day One

Introduce the Home Page and the video I made to tell a little more about myself and the project. Have a printout of the checklist for each student so they can start to get a little more understanding of what is going to be expected of them. Give a brief explanation of what is going to be happening, but don’t begin teaching anything yet

Day Two

This is when you will prompt with the essential question section. Start to give a brief explanation of how our government was set up in the Constitution. Give which Articles/Sections set up each branch of government and what the specific responsibilities are for each section. Give a brief overview of which section creates laws and which enforces them. Then, have them think about some laws they know about and write a 2-paragraph reflection.

Days Three and Four

Show the schoolhouse rock video to the students.

Have them write a 3-paragraph reflection of what they learned in this video, including any other questions they have. If your students are feeling confused and need more guided explanation, start with the PowerPoint next. If they seem as though they are ok with the information they’ve learned, give them the link for an online explanation that they can go at their own pace. Then, give out the worksheet for them to fill out with what they’ve learned. It’ll also be available on the website if (when) they lose it somewhere between school and home. Check the worksheet for 1) accuracy 2) completion and give grades appropriately.

Day Five

Show what you know section. Give a detailed explanation of what they are going to be doing in their project. Give them time to get into a group of two or three (or assign it to them if necessary). Then, explain how to use the application they will be using with this project. Answer any questions they may have and be prepared to explain it again if necessary. Show the example pictures but stress that these projects do not have to be overly perfect! Don’t have them freak out!

Day Six through Eight

Give them time in class to work on their projects. Be prepared to answer questions to help them and make sure they remember the due date for the project. Start having them sign up for slots to present their projects.

Day Nine

Have the students present their stop animation videos for their class!

Day Ten

Play day! Have each group bring in their projects and pair up with one other group to play their board games! Have fun music and candy to make sure this is a fun and stress-free day where students won’t realize just how much they are learning! Grade their projects with the rubrics on this day and until you have them all graded! Have them review the project and see if they liked it or not on a google site! J