Chapter 10 Section 1

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Areas of Parallelograms and Trapezoids

-Base of a parallelogram is the length of any one of its sides

-The perpendicular distance between the base and opposite side is the height of a parallelogram

-Base of a trapezoid are its two parallel sides

-The perpendicular distance between the base is the height of a trapezoid

The area of the parallelogram is (b1+b2)h, so the area of each trapezoid is 1/2(b1+b2)h

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Formula for Parallelogram


Section 2

Areas Of a Circle

How to find the area to a circle and how a pizza is made

Math Antics - Circles, Circumference And Area

Formula for a circle

A=pi r2

Ch 10 Section 3

Three Dimensional Figures

-Solid, is a three dimensional figure that encloses a part of space

-Polyhedron, is a solid that is enclosed by polygons

-Face, the polygons that form a polyhedron is called face

-Prism, is a polyhedron that has 2 congruent bases that lie on parallel planes

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Ch 10 sec 4

Surface area of prisms and cylinders

Key Vocabulary

-One way represent a solid is to use a net a net is a two dimensional pattern that forms a solid when it is folded

-The surface area of a polyhedron is the sum of the areas of its faces to find the surface area of a triangular prism find the sum of the areas of the two triangular faces and the three rectangular faces

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Ch 10 sec 5

Surface areas of pyramids and cones


-Pyramids are mad in egypt but are also a big part of math because they have a square base with triangular faces which you can make into a math problem and it would be below
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Finding area of a cone

-A cone has a circular base and kind of a triangular face and the to find the area of a cone would be
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Ch 10 Sec 6

Volumes of prisms and cylinders



-triangular prism

-rectangular prism





Finding volume of a cylinder


=pi r2 h

=pi (3)2(9)



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Ch 10 Sec 7

Volumes of pyramids and cones

Volume of a pyramid


The volume of a pyramid is one third the product of the area of the area of the base and the height

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How To Find The Volume of A Square Pyramid: THE EASY WAY!