The Weekly Forecast - October 28

The Academy of Environmental Science @ DFES

Fall Festival

Thanks to those of you that were able to support our annual fall festival. The volunteer support was truly appreciated by PTO. In spite of the cold weather this event was still well attended. Our students and families reported having a great time!

Fox Fun Friday

I would like to echo the sentiment shared by S. Beckman during her shout out on 10/25. She indicated that we had more than 200 students participate in this past FFF. Thanks for your commitment to PBIS and hats off to our students.

Board Meeting

The magnet programs at SOES, IHS, and DFES will be voted on for approval during the district board meeting on Monday, October 28. Stay tuned...

Tuesday staff development

Certified staff will meet in the mini theatre at 3:15. PD will will be lead by Dr. Somerall.

Tag of Honor template

Deadline for submission is Friday, November 1st.

Food for thought...

Laughter and love are priceless live with passion - laugh and love as much as you breathe. Author unknown