Room 26 News Flash

September 19-23

Past & Present

We have been preparing for Open House which is on Tuesday, September 20th at 7pm. Open House is for parents only. This week we will start to review letters. We will also learn the words "I" and "am". In math, we will finish up with sorting and we will take our first topic test. We will continue to have practice fire drills and we will review bus safety. We also continue to watch our caterpillars closely. On Wednesday we will watch a special video about bus safety and we will go on a special bus ride to a nearby neighborhood where we will practice crossing in front of the bus safely. We will also visit the Book Fair on Wednesday at 10:55. Book Fair forms went home on Friday and should be returned with $$ if you want your child to shop or parents can shop the at the Book Fair before or after Open House on Tuesday.


Weekly Responsibilities

Math Words: sorting, column, label, counter

ELA Words: am, I

Monday-Review the words, "I and am".

Tuesday-Sort some objects at home. You can sort by size, color, shape or kind.

Wednesday-Practice writing your name correctly.

Thursday-Look through a magazine or a book. Can you find the words, "I and am"?

Friday-Read the paper book that comes home today.

Reminder:All GooseChase missions should be completed by the 25th. Use the checklist that was sent home(and return it) if you are not using the app.

Please be sure to check the snack calendar for your designated day.