The West

Montana and Idaho

The Western Region

The Western Region has 13 states in total in it. Those states are Colorado, Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Hawaii, Alaska, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, and New Mexico. The West is the most geographically diverse region, it includes the Great Plains, The Rocky Mountains, The Sierra Nevada Mountains, and The Cascades. The West is also very arid to semi arid. The driest place recorded in the U.S is Death Valley, California. Some natural resources are gold, silver, uranium, copper, tin, along with other metals. The natural resources of the West also support forestry and commercial fishing. The fish caught in Alaska and Hawaii along with other Pacific Coast states bring in billions of dollars anually.


With there being a Pacific Ocean and Mexico Border, the West has a good amount of different ethnicity groups. Going back to Gold Rush and the creation of the transcontinental railroad that has also had an effect on the different ethnic groups in the West. All border states have a large amount of Hispanic population taking it back to when they all used to be Spanish and Mexican territory. English, Spanish, Tagalog, and Chinese are the most common spoken languages in the Western region.


Around the Gold Rush days, mining and farming were the two main industries. Now adays you can still find mining and farming but there is also manufacturing, technology and tourism. Most of the West is hot and dry. Along the Pacific Coast there is a lot of precipitation and is usually wet and cool. Farmers have to grown specific crops in these areas because of the climate.


This region was the last area to be settled. Not until the mid 1800's did European settlers come to the West. Lots of Native American tribes lived in the West. These tribes grew corn, squash, and beans. They used the resources around them to build their homes. They would dig a pit in the ground then put sticks and branches over top for the roof.


The word Montana is from a spanish word montaña meaning mountain. Montana is ranked fourth in size but 44th in population. Montana is slightly bigger than Japan, its 147,040 square miles. The economy involves ranching and farming. The also have oil, gas, coal, and hard rock mining. Tracks of the Northern Pacifc Railroad reached Montana in 1881 coming from the West. Spanish and English are the two main languages in the Montana.

Fun Facts

  • The capital of Montana is Helena.
  • The population is 1.024 million.
  • The Rockys and Great Plains go through Montana.
  • Montana has many wheat farms.
  • Montana is nicknamed the "Treasure State'
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Idaho is the 14th largest state in the United States but 39th in population. It is 83,568 square miles. Idaho is know for its potato crop, they produce about one fourth of the nations potato crop. Mining and farming are both very important in Idaho. They are ranked high for silver, garnet, and lead.

  • Idaho's capital is Boise.
  • Their population is 1,567,582 as of 2010
  • Idaho's nickname is the "Gem State"
  • It became a state July 3, 1890
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