What girls like...


About guys...

Dear guys,us girls like gentlemen!Girls like Men who open doors for them,who hold their hands to show the world, who arent afraid to say "'i love you" to them in front of your friends, or those of you who say "im ready" when us girls purpose for you to meet our parents. That,dear guys, is what us girls want. Girls want a man who comes running to save the day if their in trouble. Girls want a man who is confident! A man with a sense of humor,not a Dreary Dan. A man who has goals? Sexy!! If you dont have goals, you may just as well be working at Mc Donalds for the rest of your life...tsk tsk. Here are a few links that may be of an interest to you :




Whether its milk chocolate or dark,all girls LOVE it! It is not something we want, its something we need to have. There is a proven fact that women who get upset calm down after eating chocolate. There is a chemical in chocolate called "phenylethylamine", which happens to be the same chemical the brain releases when someone falls in love! So guys, if you wanna girl to fall in love with you, go get her a few extra boxes of chocolates!

Heres a link that tells you a little bit more about whats in chocolate,ect. :



Phones...what will girls do without phones? NOTHING,duh! From LOL's to TTYL's, girls always have their phones. At school or at home, girls thumbs are probably the strongest fingers on their hand. Texting is really the main part of having a phone, it seems like no one calls these days? On every girls list for what they want is probably the brand new Iphone.


Well I hope yall enjoyed my little page on What Girls Like!!! Thanks for reading,hope it was helpful! XD