Population,Oxygen,Development Units

luisangel.v 9/19/13

How Do Populations Increace

These are three diffrent ways population can get bigger.One way is that population can get bigger from when the animals mulitiply they will get bigger then it turns into a population.It happens when there is many animals in one place and starts making a population.These are things that populations need to become bigger first that they need room to move,food,sunlight,protetion then the same type of animal will come and form a population.Now those are some way population get bigger.

Where Does Oxygen Come From

These are 3 ways where oxygen comes from.Oxygen comes from they give out oxygen from them to let us breath air so we can survive.Also if people start cuting trees then we won't have oxygen to breath then the trees that are cut they will stop making oxygen.So if people stop cuting trees and start planting trees for more oxygen can be in us so we can breath so everybody can get oxygen.Now those are the ways where oxygen comes from.

How Does A Robin Develop

These are 4 steps on how a robin Develops.First,of it starts out as a egg.Then,a baby robin comes out but the babies don't have feathers.Next,the babies grow feather but so the baby can't so the mother must attend the babies needs.Finally,the baby robin grows up and has full feathers and can fly now the robin is ready to not be attended by it's mother so it can live on it's own.Now you see these are three steps a baby robin Develops.