Facts About Giraffes

What is a Giraffe

A giraffe life span is an amazing 25 years depending on their health. They also live 20-28 years. Thats pretty cool for an animal like that. A giraffe is a mammal, a animal that lives on land and giraffes that are warm blooded. The size of a amazing tall giraffe are , males weigh between 2,400 pounds to 3,000 pounds. Female giraffes weigh 1,600 pounds to 2,600 pounds.

What they eat

Giraffes eat leaves from a small thorny tree and surprisingly tasty African leaves. Cute baby giraffes are eaten by hyenas. Giraffes are hunted to eat meat, coat and tail. One big giraffe is eaten by big loin or any lion.

How you tell them apart

You can tell a giraffes apart from its horns. They both have horns its just the females have furry horns and the males are less furry and they have 3 horns. The third horn is in the middle and very smaller. A giraffes habitat is limited primarily to Savannas, Sahel and dry open woodland.

Fun Facts

Here are some fun facts about the giraffes! Their very tall necks are shorter then their legs. Surprisingly they can not cough. Their very thick hair is 10 times thicker then all of our hair. An adult giraffes heart is 2 feet long and 20 pounds heavy! Drinking water is the most DANGEROUS times for giraffes because the can get hurt or killed. They only sleep less then 2 hours a day compared to us who get a lot of sleep and a little baby giraffe are 2 meters long!

BY: Libby G.