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Things You Should Know About Quilling As A Beginner

Quilling paper art or filigree creations can prove to be a fulfilling pastime for anyone with artistic bent of mind. It involves shaping of paper to create interesting shapes. Craftspeople, who dabble with this medium, roll the paper strips and curve or pinch them in order to achieve the desired shapes or designs. You can make cards, hangings, and even eye-catching jewelry pieces among numerous other things. Those who are just starting out in the field may look at a completed project and consider it quite complicated. However, anybody who has tried it will tell you that the basics associated with the paper craft are easy and you can master it through practice.

The first thing to purchase is the associated paper. Precut rolling paper sets are available in the market so you can get them and begin the creative process. Size and the length of the paper that you use will determine the overall appearance of your finished project. Once you have the paper with you make sure that you also have the right tools handy, which will aid you in your job. Needlelike tools will help you in quilling the paper to your desired shape. Slotted tools are the best for the beginners as it makes rolling of the strips quite easy.

One downside of these tools is that they crease the strips. That's why experienced campaigners tend to use needle tools instead to achieve crease less and neater paper rolling. When you want to make the perfect quilling cards, you also need to have glue with you along with tweezers for better handling of quilled pieces. The circle template will help with effective coil measurements. So what are some basic shapes that you can make with these papers strips? Rolled coil of paper is the most common variety and by adjusting, pinching the coil tension, you can transform it into different shapes as per desire.

Create marquise, square, curved marquise, s-scroll, heart scroll, curved teardrop, teardrop, tight and loose coils among a variety of others shapes as well. There is simply no limit to what you can achieve with such simple things as paper quilling. Those who are beginning in this field should first take time to master the creation of various shapes and then start creating designs on cards and other mediums. Those who want to have fun do not require loads of shapes to make it happen.

It's up to your creativity and unique ideas to create something startling and appealing with simple shapes. Create spectacular greeting cards to convey your message on special occasions or use it for designing wall art as framed pieces or decorative canvasses among others. Wearable art is also quite popular such as ingenious earrings, the perfect accessory to go with that special outfit. Many people combine it with rubber-stamping or die cutting for enhancing the resultant effects.

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