Stoy School Construction Update

October 8, 2015


Over the past couple weeks a lot of progress has been made to Stoy School, our blacktop and our hallway. We are very excited with the progress that has been made and we are excited with all that is going on!

Playground Milling

The playground was successfully milled, removing all of the blacktop.

Multi-Purpose Room Foundation

The foundation of the Multi-Purpose Room is being laid!


We cannot stress enough how important safety is to us here at Stoy. The ongoing construction heightens everyone's awareness and increases our already robust efforts to keep everyone here safe. With that in mind, we ask that when you visit Stoy School, please be mindful of the ongoing work and that you keep an especially close eye on our younger guests. Likewise, when school is not in session, the area under construction can still be hazardous as the construction workers will be working a "second shift". We ask that you please continue to respect and avoid the construction zones even when school is not in session.