James Reed

Why I Moved West

I moved west from Virginia because I had dreams of getting a greater fortune in California. I also hoped that it could help to stop the terrible headaches my wife was getting.

Manifest Destiny

Manifest destiny was the idea that America was destined to reach from coast to coast. I agree with this concept because It holds many opportunities for families like my own.

My Challenges during Expansion

I faced a major challenge I was moving west from Virginia. I led an expedition of 87 people to California, however only 46 of the people survived and got to California. I was faced with the challenges of starvation, dehydration and extreme temperatures. Many people in my group were faced with these challenges and disease and hypothermia.
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Where I Settled

I eventually settled in San Jose where I worked mining for a few years.
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Leaving For California

James Reed wrote in his 1871 article in the Pacific Rural Press that "it became known that some families had not enough of provisions remaining to supply them through; as a member of the company, I advised them to make an estimate of provisions on hand and what amount each family would need to take them through. After receiving the estimate of each family, on paper, I then suggested that if two gentlemen of the company would volunteer to go in advance to Captain Sutters (near Sacramento), in California, I would write a letter to him for the whole amount of provisions that were wanted, and also stating that I would become personally responsible to him for the amount. I suggested that from the generous nature of Captain Sutter he would send them. Mr. McCutchen came forward and proposed that if they would take care of his family he would go. This the company agreed to. Mr. Stanton, a single man, volunteered, if they would furnish him a horse. Mr. McCutchen, having a horse and a mule, generously gave the mule. Taking their blankets and provisions they started for California."

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