Science job

Tool Designer

Branch of Science

I think that this job falls into physical science because this job works with chemistry, calculus , engineering and other stuff.

Educational Path

The type of degree that I need for this job is Metallurgical Technology. The classes that I will need to take is Calculus, Chemistry, Engineering, Design and Development, Geometry, Materials and Processes, and Trigonometry/Advanced Algebra.


University of Wisconsin-Madison

I chose this college because it's in Wisconsin and I don't want to go to college in the other states. This college is located in 716 Langdon Street and it is in a urban place and this is a public school. This college is a University and the Average class size is about 29.


The average GPA is 3.69. There is no ACT or SAT score.

The job

A Tool Designer is a person who design cutting tools and other tools and you need a license to be a Tool Designer. The working conditions are going to be really hard. The work place might be in Green Bay or somewhere else in Wisconsin.

Finding the job

It will be very easy to find a job in Wisconsin than finding one national. It would be easy because tool designer is a common job in Wisconsin.

The Salary Cap

The Salary range is $46,720

to $98,010 Per Hour and the National Salary range is $50,550

to $119,480 Per Hour.


His name is John Vang and the location of his job is in Green Bay.


I can see myself doing this job someday but I don't know for sure that I will be doing this job. There is also lots of jobs out there that I also like. So I don't really know if I'll be doing this job someday. I think that the pro ad con would be great.


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