Pisum Sativum

Know as pea pods

Parts of a plant and it's function

  1. Roots- can form from a seed and small roots grow and the roots help the water get to the plant.
  2. Stem- support the plant and acts like a poling stemom.
  3. Seed leaves- round and the first leaves that appear.
  4. True leaves- grow right after the seed leaves and it's your chance to chagne it into a bigger pot.

5.petals- it bring bees to collect the pollen.

6.stamen- it is inside the flower and collets the pollen that bees collect.

7.pistil- the pistil is mabe up of style, stigma, ovary and ovule.

Fun facts about pea pods

Peas pod start growing in the early spring. Peas can be grow early in the season. There are diffident kinds of pea such as pea pods, snow peas and snap peas. You can eat peas and you can eat the pod to but don't eat the stem. People grow it to eat it and farmers sell it.

The life cycle of a plant

Plants start off as a seed and there is a baby seed called Embryo inside the seed. The stem pops up throe the soil. Then seed leaves appear then true leaves appear. When a plant is it full size it is called adult plant. Then adult plant reproduces new seeds. The cotton in your yard is seeds. Then they plant new seeds then the cycle starts all over again.

The stages of a plant

Birth- it starts out as a seed and forms a stem.

Growth and development- it needs sun light and soil and water to go throe the process.

Reproduction- when plant finished the process it starts all over again.

Death- it dies and the cycle starts all over again.


Photosynthesis- It is sun and origin and it is really inporton. It also make it own food. It gets it engery from other plants. It also has Xylem.