It's Broadway

Megan Perez, Aerobics 1st Period, 1.8-12.13

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Origins and Evolution

Broadway dance as we know and love it today traces back to the 1900s, where it first began to sweep the stages of New York. Often, the style was ridiculed by critics and theatre goers for the more whimsical style. Nonetheless, musicals such as Black Crook (regarded as the first official Broadway musical) incorporated some early forms of the dance style by combining ballet and acting in a few peculiar scenes. In 1936, George Balanchine became one of the first official Broadway choreographers with his edition of Ziegfeld Follies, and some of his works (especially those created with Robert Alton), are similar to the dances we see on Broadway today. Around ten years later, a more creative and rather odd style of Broadway appeared that were created by what were called "gypsies". Soon, their style of incorporating unconventional movement without refrain began to take a hold of the scene. Bob Fosse is credited with being the ultimate gypsy due to his work that amplified the gypsy themes.

How It's Done

Strange, yet whimsical and creative, movements are often said to be Broadway. Typically embodying the scene and the musical number, Broadway dancers are prone to being very animate in their facial expression and gestures. The use of props is generally seen when it comes to the dance, such as hats, canes, chairs, and more.

Famous Faces

Broadway Dance Video

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