Harding's Happenings

Working on Independence in 5H

Independent Thinkers

The goal for all of my students is to guide them toward independence as a student/learner. The way I will accomplish this is through communicating with all of you (the parents), through newsletters. Working on their independence means the student becomes more of an advocate for themselves. I want them to feel comfortable asking me questions and then explaining it to you at home. Rather than students going home and saying "I don't know" and relying on their parent to email me for clarification. We will put it back on the student to problem solve and find solutions. If we work together we can accomplish this before they head off to middle school.

Theme One-Overcoming Obstacles

Their first theme project will begin this week. Over the next 4 weeks they will be working on reading a book at their level, then coming up with a unique way to present it. The book that they choose can be in any genre, the key is that the character should have to overcome an obstacle within the book. They will have opportunities at school to work on this project but they will also need to work on it at home. I will go over the details of this project several times with the students. It is crucial that the student ask me questions about the project rather than the parent, these projects help kids with becoming more self-reliant.

Pumpkin Math

I am kindly asking 7 parent volunteers to donate large pumpkins to our classroom. The pumpkins would need to be delivered on Monday October 26th. We will be integrating pumpkin related activities into our math the week of October 26th. Please send me an email if you are willing and able. Thank you in advance!

Friday Folders

These folders go home on Fridays. They only go home if there are tests to be looked at by you. There is a sheet inside that says how many tests are in the folder and a place for your signature. It will also indicate if there were in missed homework assignments.