Feed Teaching Component

p. 190 - 203


Titus is on is way to pick up Violet for the party. There was a DJ, but they had to they had to connect through the feed to hear it or all the would of heard was feet shuffling. Quendy had lesions all over her body, although she called them "lenticels" and she paid to have them birched on her. Titus took Violet to his secret hiding spot as a kid and shared an old memory of Link and him when they were younger. When they went downstairs, everyone was playing spin the bottle. Quendy spun Link and Calista immediately was jealous. Calista started making rude statements about Quendy's lesions and how she only got them to get attention from Link. Next Marty spun and it pointed to Violet. Violet refused and had a meltdown from the feed malfunctioning.

Literary Lens


"They're not 'cuts,'" she said, smiling like he was an idiot. "First of all, it the big spit. And second, for your info, it's called 'birching' and they're called lenticels" (192). Quendy portrays herself as extremely superficial and pretentious. Only trying to impress those around her, while turning a blind eye to the harm it's doing to her body.


Violet says "Look at us! You don't have the feed! You are the feed! You're the feed! You're being eaten! You're raised for food! Look at what you've made yourselves!" (202). Violet knows that society has brain washed them into thinking that these lesions are normal and sexy, when they're actually dying because of them and they're willing to pay to have them cut through their skin. She's trying to say that, because of the feed, they've lost all their humanity.

Discussion Question

If Beer Ads Were Forced to Be Honest - Beer Commercial Parody
Is FeedTech responsible for paying for Violet’s medical bills? Keep in mind that Violet’s family was aware of the potential risks involved with implanting her feed so late. Explain who is responsible.
  • p. 219

Essential Questions

How does Feed illustrate the degeneration of human thought and language?
  • at the party they only communicated through the feed
  • had to listen to music through the feed instead of live

How does Anderson’s work question the dangers of over reliance on technology?
  • no phones inside houses anymore, so Titus was unable to call an ambulance because his feed was all jumbled up

By Demi Rogers