Sudan Water Crisis

Hailey Berryman, Katie Williamson, Amaria Faison

Sudan's Population

Sudan is home to 28,764,090 people.

What river basin is Sudan in?

The river basin that Sudan isin is the Nile river

Summary of problems

Sudan has a major water crisis, the water supply that they have is shared with other countries. Another problem is their method of agriculture. The way that they plant crops are contributing to the water stress in Sudan . Since they a lot of dirty water the diseases caused by water include hepatitis E, Guinea worm disease and Diarrhoea.

Three statistics

They use 97% of their water for agriculture, the population is 38,764,090 people They have three major diseases.

Solution to problems

Some solutions to the water crisis in Sudan are to cut back on there extreme agriculture methods to save some water or to find different ways to get more water for their country.