Ellen Foster

Kaye Gibbons

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Ellen Foster is an 11 year old girl who goes through some tragic times. Her mother takes a over dose and passes away next to her. Her father is a drunk. She is moved to several different temporary homes. All of which did not suit her and were unhappy. All Ellen wanted was to live in a stable home with a loving family.

Can a Foster Kid grow up to be normal?

Do you know of any homeless child that you can help by providing food and a safe home to by becoming a Foster Parent to such a person?

"When I was little I would think of ways to kill my daddy. I would figure out this or that way and run it down through my head until it got easy." (Gibbons p. 1)

Foster parenting and adoption are good alternatives to kids being homless

At Ellen's new mama's house eating is done in a civil manner versus at Ellen's home of origin where mealtimes are vulgar. For example, at the new home Ellen is expected to be polite, take turns, keep elbows off the table etc. At the old home, people fart, bark and feed dogs under the table.

At Ellen's old home she was always yelled at, cruel things said to her and she was even hit for crying. For example, one day her mama's mama hit her face and told her to keep crying for her dead daddy. She was a very mean old woman. At her new home, Ellen never dealt with physical and verbal abuse.

Ellen is persuaded to find a new mama when she realizes she needs one and knows what she wants in one.

She decides to wear a dress to church to attract the attention of the woman she wants to be her new mama. Ellen believes anyone in a dress is more valuable then in plain clothes and she apparently feels like a princess in that dress.

Ellen believes since her new mama - to-be has lots of other girls that one more won't be a bother or make much difference so she braves it and asks to be a part of the family. She is blessed in that the new mama accepts her and keeps her from here on out.