The Juliano Journal

Week of February 16-19

Dear Families,

Hello! Hopefully you all had a great week and enjoyed the spring-like weather today! It's so great to see grass again! :)

We have received the dates for the PARCC tests that the students will be taking beginning Monday, March 7th. We will take each test starting right at 9am. It is SO important that your child arrives to school on time the days that we are testing. The following are the dates that our class will be testing.

  • Monday, March 7th: Reading 1
  • Wednesday, March 9th: Reading 2
  • Friday, March 11th: Reading 3a
  • Monday, March 14th: Reading 3b
  • Thursday, March 17th: Math 1
  • Monday, March 21st: Math 2
  • Wednesday, March 23rd: Math 3
  • Tuesday, April 5th: Math 4

Since this is the first time the students will be taking the PARCC tests, we have spent time in class discussing the tests and practicing sample problems. I encourage you to visit the following websites to help you and your child become familiar with the format of the test:

Have a fantastic weekend! :)

Miss Juliano

Curriculum News

Language Arts

This week we continued to focus on the topic of immigration. We read a fictional story, When Jessie Came Across the Sea, about a girl who immigrated to the United States by herself. The students really loved this story! The students also watched a video and read an article about Ellis Island. Using these two sources, the students compared and contrasted the key ideas of each and completed a venn diagram to display their information.

Just a reminder that the interview with an immigrant assignment is due on Monday. If your child cannot find someone to interview, please either email me or send in a note with your child. Thanks!


This week the students learned how they can use basic multiplication facts to solve extended facts. For example, if students know that 5 x 3 = 15, then they can determine that 5 x 300 = 1,500. Next week we will continue to solve extended facts, as well as discuss fractions.


This week your child completed an assessment on hot and cold water. The quizzes will be handed back to students on Monday. Thank you for using the review guide to help students prepare for the quiz.

Next week we will be discussing the water cycle and students will be creating a poster to explain how water progresses through the water cycle.

Important Dates

Monday, February 22nd: Immigrant Interview Due

Wednesday, February 24th: Early Release Day- 2pm Dismissal

Monday, February 29th: February Reading Log Due