The War Effort

FDR and America's rapid mobilization

"FDR asks America to become the 'arsenal of democracy.'"

Previously factories were only building 13,000 aircraft a year, Roosevelt requested for the production of 50,000 planes, Americans ended up producing over 96,000 aircraft in 1944. Kellogg, the cereal company began producing K-rations, the Standard Steel Spring Company began producing armor plating, Kleenex converted to machine-gun mounts.

Fireside Chats

FDR maintained a good connection with the American people through his fireside chats. These radio chats allowed for FDR to keep Americans up to date with the War Effort, and boost morale with strong supportive words.

Fireside Chat 23, October 12, 1942

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Office of War Information

The OWI did things like produce films and propaganda to keep support for the war effort high. They withheld certain information and images that they feared would damage morale. The government wanted to get the people involved in the war effort, war bond drives was one way. Advertisers used promotional gimmicks to help raise war bond sales. Posters supported the war effort and things like war bonds, volunteering, and rationing. Food was rationed to ensure that soldiers received enough goods for the war effort.

Victory Gardens

Small food gardens called Victory Gardens or War Gardens were planted all around in the United States to help with food production. They were planted in private residences as well as public parks and grew varieties of vegetables, fruits, and herbs.
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