Get solar panels

It's a renewable energy sourse

Renewable energy

Renewable energy is great! But sometimes it can be dangerous. Renewable energy is obviously renewable that means you can use it over and over and over again. Also it comes back very fast. As I was saying renewable energy can be dangerous like if a nuclear power plant leaks it can wipe out an entire city. Renewable energy is good to because it comes back very fast. With non renewable energy it does not come back so when it's done it doesn't come back! Some of the main kinds of renewable energy are wind energy, wave energy,nuclear energy,hydro electric energy and of course solar power energy.

How solar power works

All of the big solar panels have small solar cells inside of them. The cells each have two layers . The cells absorb the sunlight, all the energy from the sunlight goes into the top layer of the solar panel cells. Then the energy goes down to the second layer there the energy moves around a lot and it starts to heat up. Then the energy goes down through cords and will let your house light up.


Solar energy is great here are some reasons why it is so great one is because it's renewable so you can use it over and over. Also it is silent so it unlike those noises windmills with wind energy. There I very low maintenance so it's easy to build and there is not that much to build. The materials are easy to get and they don't take long to get. Another great thing is it doesn't pollute and that will really help our climate change for the polar bears


Even though solar panels are great they can be bad too. First of all solar panels take up a ton of space. They usually take up lots of roofs and fields. Also it is very expensive it costs up to $968 billion dollars for the world to have solar panel even the wealthiest person on earth does not have that much money some of the reasons solar panels cost so much is because of the materials costing so much.


Some people ask how does solar power work at night time? The answer to that is solar panels have a thing witch through the day the panels keep some of the sunlights energy for the day for the night time. Since solar power is heat energy it can actually heat swimming pools. The cost for the electricity now is more than solar panels by a couple billion dollars but still solar power is a ton of money