A Trip Through Georgia

~ A seven day travel guide to fun places in Georgia ~

Costs Of Each Day

~ $25 for breakfast and dinner ( customer is responsible for lunch )
~ $20 for lodging
~ .40 x the number of miles you travel that day
* Trip cost is per person per day
* Cost of lunch is not included

Day 1

We will leave from Reidsville and travel to St. Simon's Island. Here we can visit many landmarks like a historical lighthouse that is one of the oldest landmarks in the area, fun water parks, or just enjoy a day on the beach.

Day 2

We will leave St. Simons Hotel bright and early and travel to Wild Adventures Theme Park in Valdosta, GA. At this fun park, there are a total of 79 attractions you can ride or you can even go to a water park or a petting zoo.

Day 3

After staying the previous night at a hotel in Valdosta, we will leave and go to Callaway Gardens, in Harris County. We will visit this public garden and resort and enjoy the many acres of beautiful flowers, plants, and other natural sights, that have attracted people since 1952.

Day 4

We will wake up and travel from Harris County to Dade County to visit Cloudland Canyon Falls which has been an official state park since 1939. Here we will observe this beautiful waterfall, and even walk or bike ride on some of the easier trails.

* Total Costs For Trip

Day 1 - $81
Day 2 - $150
Day 3 - $147
Day 4 - $115
Day 5 - $71
Day 6 - $63
Day 7 - $162

** Total Cost = $789 **