medieval europe


going to school and getting an education was not done by everyone in medieval europe. education in schools was only open to the sons of a high class. the main method of learning during the middle ages was memorizing. girls were sent to other households to learn sewing and weaving skills needed to manage a household. boys who were the sons of lords would learn proper manners and to play chess. only some could go to school and most of them were boys. the education a peasant would get would only be to make a living.


those who were married or born into a rich family would have led a rich life. seregation between men and women were also found in family life like ill treatment wives received from their husbands. women as a house wives and workers in guilds were great supporters of men sadly not all men recognized that fact. A family is something everyone has and being in different family situations, lives of people easily changed. In Medieval Europe, marriages had almost nothing to do with love or romance. In fact, marriages were used to affect the family, the economy, and inheritance.