Valentine's Day

Leah Williamson


Valentine's Day is a holiday always celebrated on February 14 to show one another how much we love and appreciate them.


A heart symbolizes love; many people give heart shaped boxes, jewelry, and cards to their loved ones to symbolize the love that they have for each other. There could be a lot of hearts put in the background of a window display, or mannequins can be holding hearts.
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The Color Red

Along with hearts, reds and pinks are another symbol of love. Most always, a heart shaped box of chocolates is going to be red. Red roses are popular, and so are cards that are colored pink. In a window display, the mannequins can be dressed in red or pink clothing.
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Flowers, particularly roses, are a staple of Valentine's Day. It is very popular to get a loved one roses for this holiday as a symbol of his or her love. In a display, there could be roses just placed all over or they can be arranged in shapes and put in the background.
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Theme Window

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