William Stoughton Retaliates

By Rocky Rubink

The new lieutenant governor fought back. The former chief justice William Stoughton from Salem village believed everything was correct in law of the Puritan religion during the event that happened two years ago.The former chief justice of the witch trials in Salem gave us a lieutenant governor. It has been said he had a hunch for executing witches.

As chief justice, Stoughton thought everyone reported to be a witch was guilty even without indisputable evidence. It was said he prosecuted his enemies faster than anyone else. After the trials, he was blamed for the whole tragedy. He was still a chief justice after the trials. One thing that people hated he did after the trials is seizing and disposing of belongings of the convicted witches. One in particular that people to this day have remembered was seizing a buffalo with disapproval from the state. Women who were excused because of pregnancy were ordered to be hanged, with the state quickly stopping that. While her house was being seized, one lady asked Stoughton “Would you have us starve while you sit about your business?” That quote made it to the state who had told Stoughton he needs a new job.

The general public thought Lieutenant Governor Stoughton was a bad guy. He did not like being told what to do. William Stoughton was blamed for the tragedy.

Now we all know Stoughton as our lieutenant governor. Maybe he will do great and become the acting governor. Until then we can only hope Stoughton will do great.

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William Stoughton's personal seal