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January 15, 2015


DMED Welcome Back

DMED Students Must Haves!

If you are like me and type faster than you write, an Ipad and wireless keyboard will help you. I did not have the money at the time, so I applied for FAFSA, got approved and used the funds for the items listed above and more. I got my wireless keyboard from TJ Max for $15. I’ve also seen them at Ross. You also want to protect your Ipad with a sturdy case and get a pack of AAA batteries. My keyboard only takes two.

As a digital media student, you always want to have an external hard drive. At first I kept buying several 32gig memory cards, which resulted in a couple hundred dollars throughout a couple semesters. They’re small and I’m often losing them, until I invested in a 2TB External USB Portable Hard Drive for $99 from Best Buy. It’s sleek and came with a case. Not only is it the perfect size and hard to misplace, it helped me even more in my photography classes. It’s compatible with all computers, just plug in the usb cord and save your work as several times until your project is complete.

Photography classes will have you taking tons of photos which take up plenty of space filling up your 32 gig hard drive. And with digital media you’ll have other projects saved on your hard drive. The 2TB was perfect for saving every project I worked on and had to save. DMED projects add up fast. The last thing you want to do as a graphic designer is delete any of your work. Keep everything to save for your portfolio.

Welcome back and for those just starting your first semester, welcome to LeewardCC.

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Ipad Air $399

2T External Hard Drive $99

USB Ipad Hard Drive Adapter $35 -/+

Wireless Keyboard $15

AAA Batteries $5.50

Got Class?

By: Lynn MacLaren, M.Ed., Academic Specialist

Welcome to the Spring Semester I still get excited when a new semester begins! When I was a college student, I couldn’t wait to go to my new classes, see friends I knew, and find out what kind of professors I’d be with for the semester. After regaining consciousness from the textbook bill, I actually liked getting an early peek at the shoulder-damaging texts I’d be lugging around in my backpack.

Early on in my college career, I learned there were choke distractions that could potentially lure me from going to class. Like hanging out in the student lounge, sleeping in (a biggie for me), or just planting myself in the cafeteria to talk story with my friends and check out guys. Sometimes, the fact that it was either a Monday or a Friday constituted a good enough reason to skip class!

I could give you my own brilliant insights as to why class attendance is critical to your college success…instead I’m going to share some honest quotes by experienced college students who’ve learned a thing or two about going (or not going) to class. Why? Because class attendance REALLY, REALLY matters! And, I really like quotes…

“Sitting in a classroom is the easiest part of college and it cuts study time in half. Why make it hard on yourself—GO! Senior, Journalism, University of Iowa

“I used to think the first couple of classes were a waste because everyone’s still dropping and adding. WRONG! That’s when the instructor announces changes in the syllabus and when you should decide whether to drop the class or change sections.” Junior, Business, University of Alabama

Talk about horror stories…I had one of those classes where you’ll decide you’ll learn more by reading the book than by going to class. I cut quite a few, including the one when a CHANGE in the FINAL EXAM DATE was announced.” Senior, Communications, University of Toledo

“Even if I partied all night, I dragged my body to class. Other people’s notes don’t work…YOU HAVE TO HEAR IT YOURSELF.” Graduate, English, Indiana University

“If you do nothing else in college; at least go to class!” Junior, Business, Miami University

“You’re basically screwed if you miss a math class!” Sophomore, Economics, Williams College

“Going to class is like going to the gym. You’ll feel guilty if you don’t go, but AWESOME if you do!” Kelci Lynn Lucier, College Life Expert

And, my personal favorite:

“If you miss a class session because your car was blown off the road by high winds on the way to the college, you were stranded in a tree while waiting for the rescue team in a helicopter to save you from the rapidly-rising floodwaters, and your rescuers insisted that they take you to the hospital instead of to the college (despite your adamant protests to the contrary, and this part is important), then you have a good excuse for missing class.” R. Rambo Illinois Valley Community College

Whether you’ve been guilty of skipping classes in the past or if you’re a new student just starting out, it’s never too late, or too soon, to make a commitment to yourself to attend all your classes and really get the most out of what you’re here to do---learn, grow, and graduate! I wish each and every one of you an amazing, successful semester!


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